At Celebrating Dance 2020 Afra will be delivering workshop entitled “Face art for the fearful” Afra is a fully qualified and experienced stage make up artist, and in this workshop she will show you how to enhance your looks onstage, ensuring that you always walk out to perform looking your best.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of dancers

Afra offers an extensive range of workshops, lectures, talks and video presentations to pass on her 35+ years
of experience to the next generation of dancers.

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Talks and Lectures

10 Songs Every Dancer Should Know. There is a collection of songs and pieces of music that it’s essential to know. Learn about their history and how to recognise different arrangements/versions of each song. Performance Make-Up. As a fully trained Make-Up artist Afra can help you develop your skills so that you look your best out on the dance floor. (BYO Make up, mirror and applicators)

Name That Instrument – can be split into topics covering a single type of instrument (eg: percussion, air, strings). This workshop can be done in conjunction with a musician to demonstrate many of the instruments discussed in the workshop. Performance Make Up for the more mature dancer. As we grow older we need to adapt our make up (both on and off stage) to enhance our best features and not end up looking like ‘mutton dressed as lamb.’ : -) (BYO Make up, mirror and applicators)

Singers & composers of the past and their legacy. An exploration of the lives and music of the most influential music stars of the past and how they continue to influence our dance today. (There is a separate lecture focusing on Oum Khalsoum). Beauty on a budget – how to get the look without breaking the bank. Looking good in performance doesn’t mean you have to splurge on expensive cosmetics brands. Afra will show you how develop a classy look without spending a fortune. (BYO Make up, mirror and applicators)

Oum Khalsoum and her legacy of beautiful music. Learn about the life and music of this incredibly influential singer. The Eyes Have It. Expert advice, hints and tips on how to make the most of your peepers, including how to put on those pesky false eyelashes. (BYO Make up, mirror and applicators)

The Stars of the Past & how they still influence us today. The ‘Golden Age’ of dance, its stars and their legacy. Fantasy Make Up – design and create a fantasy look for that special fusion number. This workshop uses a selection of conventional make up and water soluble face paints. Some items available to share – please bring your own applicators, brushes and a mirror.

A brief history of the development of modern belly dance. A look back to the earliest days of our dance history and follow its development through the decades to the present day. Business Skills for the Professional/Semi Professional Dancer and/or making the transition from amateur/hobbyist to earning money from your dancing.

Planning and running a dance event. Tips and hints for a smooth-running & successful event. Benefit from Afra’s 25+ years of experience in putting on haflahs, shows and hosting workshop with the stars. It’s Showtime! Are you considering taking a step up from organising haflahs to putting on a theatrical show. Learn from an expert how to create and stage a professional level stage show.

The history of dance costuming. An exploration of the development of dance costumes from 1900 to the present day. Where do I go from here? How to put together a Personal Development Plan and why they are important especially for those looking to turn professional or semi-professional.

Does my bum look big in this? Not sure about what style of costume to buy? Want some honest, trustworthy and helpful advice on how to choose the right costumes for your height, weight and colouring? Afra can help you make the most of your body shape and colouring in a completely safe and non-judgemental environment, helping you avoid costly mistakes. Travels with my Tassels. An opportunity to hear Afra talk about her 35yrs as a dancer. The highs, the lows, the giggles and the outrageous, from her early days as dance novice to where she is today. A Q&A session can be added to the end, if audience members want to ask specific questions. This works well done during a long break between other workshops/lectures, i.e. an extended lunch break or at the end of a day, as people relax before going home.

Picture This! Tips and tricks on getting the most out of any photo opportunity. This can be turned in a longer event, with the opportunity to have a photo taken with a professional photographer on the day – (numbers limited for this option). Behind the Veil – an exploration of the use of the veil in dance, types of veils used from past to present including information on the fabrics.

An Introduction to the Art of Teaching. Afra has been a qualified dance instructor for more than 30 years. She was the founder and principal of one of the UK’s earliest teacher training programmes – Al Kahira School of Middle Eastern Dance (ASMED). This is an opportunity to learn about what is involved in transitioning from student to instructor and includes information on a wide variety of topics, including dance training, teacher training, recommended study materials, insurance and more. It is not a comprehensive list of everything you need but a starting point for those looking to extend their careers beyond performing. Ideal as a 90 minute lecture/discussion but can be expanded to 2 hours. Afra also offers half and full day workshops on this topic.
Performance Related Topics

Creating Dance – understanding how to put together a show-stopping choreography or improv, from idea to performance Experimental Essentials – an introduction to the process of creating a Dance Theatre number.

Armchair Arms – A little bit of fun that will help you work on your upper body, improve posture and help you focus on a variety of beautiful, expressive arm movements. All from the comfort of a chair! Effective self-critique – building yourself up, not tearing yourself down

Express Yourself – How to use acting and visualisation skills to add an emotional depth to your dancing Let’s Get Engaged – how to make and maintain a connection with your audience

Afra also offers private coaching/workshops to groups and soloists who want honest and unbiased feedback/critique on their work coupled with expert advice on how to tighten things up and add polish and pizzazz to your work. This can be done in person or via Skype, private YouTube channel or by sending Afra a video. Afra also offers expert coaching in Wings, Single/Double Sword, Dancing on Glasses, Veils, Veil Fans, Cane & Single/Multiple Veils, Gymnastic Ribbon.


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