Come and perform at Celebrating Dance Festival

Want to take part in the Celebrating Dance Show? 

Get your chance shine. Come and strut your stuff in front of a very friendly and appreciative audience. Not just solos, we encourage you troupe and group dances too! We love variety <3 

EVERYONE and All levels are welcome, come and share your love of BELLYDANCE <3 We want to see you shine on stage! 

Spaces are limited so get your application in ASAP 

We will do our best to fit you all in but....When the spaces are gone they are gone! 

Guidelines, Terms & Conditions for performers in the showcase.

Places in the showcase are only open to festival ticket holders. 

The deadline for submissions is Friday 17th October 2022

General Performance Guidelines

  • We have a limited number of slots so we unfortunately can only have delegates do one performance each. Troupes can apply to do two dances, we will do our best to include both, but defiantly you can do one!


  • We welcome ALL LEVELS, please don't be shy, no matter your level come and have fun!


  •  STYLE of dance: We love all dance but this is a bellydance festival so we want to see your BELLYDANCE! But don't worry Bellydance is a big umbrella term: Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Moroccan, Baladi, Saidi, Shaabi, Mahragnat, Raq Sarqi, Oriental ect.. and also we of course welcome Fusion performances - but ask your fusion pieces be mostly Bellydance influenced.


  • MUSIC: As much as possible we ask dancers to push themselves and use authentic music from the regions that belly dance come from. We understand that in the case of Fusion this isn't always possible.


  • SONG LENGTH: Ideally we would like performances to be no longer that 4min30sec so we can fit everyone in


  • HOW TO SEND MUSIC: your music MUST BE sent in MP3 FORMAT before the 25th October.


  • Please no numbers involving water, fire or smoke. Also, please note that parts of the performance area have a low ceiling, so bear this in mind if you are planning to dance with a very long/tall prop. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sort of dance area will I be performing in? The Chatsworth is a ballroom with a proper sprung wooden floor and the seating is laid out theatre-style in a horseshoe that curves around the dancefloor. You will be dancing on the same level as your audience, not on a stage but we do have two theatrical spot lights either side of the central dance area. If you require the lights dimming for part or all of your number, please let us know and we will try to accommodate that for you.


  • Will my performance be video recorded? We do not film the Delegate Showcase but you may ask a friend to film your performance if you wish. Please don't film or photograph any other performer's number without express permission from them to do so. Please check with the performer first before posting photos or videos on social media (Facebook etc).


  • Will my performance be photographed? We try to ensure that we have an official photographer but sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control.

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