Delegate Showcase

Guidelines, Terms & Conditions for performers in the showcase.

Places in the showcase are only open to festival ticket holders.

The Showcase Application Form is now available

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The deadline for submissions is Friday 17th October 2020

Delegate Showcase Guidelines

Friday night is when our delegates get the chance to strut their stuff in front of a very friendly and appreciative audience. All levels are welcome but we regret that we are unable to offer places to burlesque or burlesques fusion numbers as Celebrating Dance is a festival primarily focused on belly dance. Please bear this is mind when choosing what you want to dance in the delegate showcase.

Please don’t assume that because you have danced in the delegate showcase in the past that you are guaranteed a space the following year. Everyone has to send their information in *before* the deadline – if we haven’t received it then you won’t be performing.

If you have any questions about the Showcase you can post a message on the festival group on
Facebook click here to visit the festival group
or if you’d prefer it you can either PM Afra on Facebook or send
her an email to 

General Performance Guidelines

  • Teachers may enter a maximum of ONE student troupe and ONE professional/advanced level troupe. If you perform with both your troupes, we cannot give you a further slot as a soloist.
  • We are unable to accept applications for more than one performance (see above for teachers). We understand how much you all enjoy dancing, especially in front of such a friendly and supportive audience, but time constraints mean you can only perform ONE number. ONE slot per group of performers, even if they apply using  a different name. If half or more of the dancers would appear in both numbers (no matter how briefly), you will need to choose which one you wish to perform in the showcase. Each group may enter ONE soloist for a further slot but priority is given to those who will be performing just once.
  • Priority is given to those dancers performing once in the showcase.
  • Please let us know if you no longer wish to perform so that we may offer your spot to another performer. Spaces are limited and we always have a waiting list.
  • If you are teaching at Celebrating Dance, you may only perform in the Gala Show. If your group is appearing in the Gala Show then we are unable to offer that group a performance slot in the Delegate Showcase, even if it is to perform a different number. Soloists from the group are welcome to apply for individual performance slots.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sort of dance area will I be performing in? The Chatsworth is a ballroom with a proper sprung wooden floor and the seating is laid out theatre-style in a horseshoe that curves around the dancefloor. You will be dancing on the same level as your audience, not on a stage but we do have two theatrical spot lights either side of the central dance area. If you require the lights dimming for part or all of your number, please let us know and we will try to accommodate that for you.
  • Will my performance be video recorded? We do not film the Delegate Showcase but you may ask a friend to film your performance if you wish. Please don’t film or photograph any other performer’s number without express permission from them to do so. Please check with the performer first before posting photos or videos on social media (Facebook etc).
  • Will my performance be photographed? We try to ensure that we have an official photographer but sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control, there isn’t one.

Music Playback Guidelines

  • All numbers must be no more than 4½minutes long, applications to perform longer numbers will be rejected. We appreciate that that is not long, but it is the only way to give as many people as possible the opportunity to take part.
    There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.
  • Accepted Music FormatsOur preferred method of accepting music is for you to email it to us in advance. Please email your music to Afra at 
  • Due to numerous problems in recent years we are no longer able to play music from a smart device (i.e. smart phone, iPod, Mp3/4 player, tablet etc)
  • We accept the following music formats as back-up on the night:
    • Original CD
    • Original digital download from iTunes, Amazon or similar online shop on CD or memory stick
    • .WAV Format on a CD or memory stick
    • Mp3/Mp4 files on CD or memory stick
  • If you have any queries about this or the Showcase in general please get in touch. You can PM us on Facebook, ask a question on the festival FB group or email Afra at

General Performance Guidelines

  • Be Ready in Time. All performers must be ready to go on at the start of the segment they are in. Running order sheets will be visible in plenty of places both in the Chatsworth Suite and elsewhere. You can also check with the Registration Desk during Friday afternoon. Performers not ready in time will forfeit their spot if they turn up more than two numbers after their official spot. If you know that you are running late, please let us know and we will do our best to fit you in later on. There will be a Stage Manager on the night who will ensure that everyone is ready to perform at the start of each segment. If you have a problem (i.e. costume malfunction/running late) please let her know so that she can tell our MC & Music Tech that there will be a change to the order of performers. We run on a tight schedule to be sure that the Showcase does not overrun.The showcase running order will be on display prominently in several places so that you can check to see when your slot is. You can also ask about this at the Registration Desk. If you would like to perform in a certain performance segment, please let us know when you submit your application form and we will do our very best to accommodate this. If you are performing in a troupe and again as a soloist/duet etc., please let us know so that we can allow you plenty of time to get changed.
  • Props – No numbers involving water, fire or smoke. Also, please note that parts of the performance area have a low ceiling, so bear this in mind if you are planning to dance with a very long/tall prop.

Dance Style Guidelines

  • Absolutely no performances of burlesque or burlesque fusion. Celebrating Dance is NOT the place to showcase anything that is not family-friendly. If you wouldn’t perform it in front of your grandma or small children, it is not suitable for the Showcase.
  • Whilst we welcome numbers that could be described as ‘experimental’ or unusual in style, absolutely no performances involving nudity, partial nudity, removal of clothing/costuming, lewd movements, inappropriate costuming, explicit lyrics or featuring themes of an adult nature please.
  • Celebrating Dance reserves the right to veto a performance application that is in breach of the above guidelines and to halt any performance in progress if we think that any element of it may cause offence. If you have any questions about the suitability of your number, please get in touch in advance of the event for advice. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Celebrating Dance is an annual dance festival held each October at the Toorak Hotel in Torquay, Devon. It is the only belly dance festival in the UK that is held in a 3 Star hotel and has a strong reputation for its friendly & fun atmosphere, offering quality workshops from international stars and popular UK-based teachers. It was created and run for 16 years by International Teacher & Performer Afra al Kahira & John F Hancock. Although Afra & John remain on the team, from 2017 they have handed over the reins to new Group Organiser Nikki Livermore a well-respected Teacher & Performer.

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