Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Any information you might need during the festival itself will be reproduced on the
Event Guide a copy of which is given every delegate when you have checked in at the
festival registration desk.

What's the date of the 2019 festival? Friday 28th to Sunday 30th October 2022

Where is the venue? The address for the Toorak Hotel is: Chestnut Avenue, Torquay, TQ2 5JS. Telephone number 01803 400400.  Click here for more information about the hotel, the resort and the facilities available.

How can I pay for a ticket? Information on how to pay for your festival ticket will be available on the Booking page very shortly. Click here to go to the Booking page.

What does my ticket include? A residential ticket includes 2 night's dinner, bed and breakfast, plus entry to the workshops\lectures and both evening events. Local dancer tickets do not include accommodation, and a partner pass is for 2 night's dinner, bed and breakfast plus entry to the evening events. All prices quoted are per person.

When will I receive my ticket? We usually start emailing and posting out tickets from mid August onwards.

What time can I check in? Check in time is from 3pm onwards but you can arrive at the hotel from 1.30pm onwards to enjoy a leisurely lunch, use the spa facilities, register and browse in the souk. NOTE: There is a 15% discount applicable if you book a spa treatment in advance of your stay. There is also the Aztec Bistro which is open all day.

What time is dinner and breakfast? Dinner is served from 6.30pm until approximately 8.15pm. We strongly recommend that delegates take advantage of the early sitting so that they have plenty of time to get ready for the evening events. To speed things up you can also pre-order wine using the forms left outside the restaurant during the day or buy a drink in the bar before going into the restaurant. Breakfast is served from 7.45am and is buffet-style, with a wide range of food available. The hotel caters for most types of diet but it is wise to call ahead to advise them if you have a particular dietary need. The hotel’s telephone number is: 01803 400400

When does the festival registration open? Registration is open from 12noon on Friday afternoon and the festival Registration Desk is manned during the breaks throughout the weekend. This is your first port of call if you have any questions about the festival. Don’t forget to bring your ticket! The Registration Desk is located opposite the Greenway room just past the restaurant.

Can I change workshops? Yes, you can change to a different workshop provided that the workshop hasn't started and there is room in it for you to do so. Ask at the registration desk and someone from the festival team will help you. You will need to do this even if you plan on just sitting and taking notes.

Why do you ask for two choices for each session? This is to prevent over-crowding in the workshops and is particularly important if a prop is being used. Even if you book early you should always indicate a second choice as some topics will always fill up quicker than others. We cannot guarantee that you will get all your first choices but we try very hard to accommodate them as much as possible.

What should I wear to the workshops? Practice/warm-up wear is best, with layers that can easily be removed/put on, and something to tie around your hips, like a purpose made hip belt, scarf/veil or a length of material. Some of the rooms have carpet flooring so you might want to consider wearing dance footwear to protect your feet.

Eating & drinking during workshops. Please note that we are happy for delegates to drink water in the workshops rooms but the hotel has requested that no food be taken into them. If you wish to eat a discrete snack (i.e. a piece of fruit or a sweet etc) please make sure that you do not leave wrappers or skins where someone might slip on them. Please put rubbish in the bins provided or take it with you once the workshop has ended. A supply of bottled water is available for sale at both the hotel reception desk and during the breaks, but you can also bring your own supplies. The hotel also provides jugs with water and disposable cups in each workshop room.

What food/refreshments are available during the breaks? During the mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks there will be a refreshment bar available where you will be able to buy tea, coffee, water and soft drinks along with a selection of snacks. There is a pre-order service for lunch time food. The order forms are put out on the tables in the restaurant at breakfast. Fill in the details of what you'd like and either hand it to a member of the restaurant staff or leave it on the table to be collected after breakfast is over. Your order will then be available to collect and pay for in the Conway Bar once the lunch break commences. The hotel caters for most types of diet but it is wise to call ahead to advise them if you have a particular dietary need. The hotel’s telephone number is: 01803 400 400

What is the dress code for the evening events? The theme for both evenings is "Bring out the Bling!" so feel free to pile on the glamour and sparkles as much as you like. 🙂 Don’t forget to bring a hip belt for the free dancing in the breaks between performance segments. Please note that delegates cannot reserve front row seats by leaving items there after the final workshop of the day. These items will be removed as it is first come, first served when the doors open at approximately 7.30pm - we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

I’m performing in the Friday night Delegate Showcase, how do I find out where I am in the running order? The running order will be on display in several prominent places in and around the Chatsworth Suite, where Showcase takes place as well as at the Registration Desk. We post a list of performers as we receive their application forms. The list updated regularly in the run up to the festival. If you have sent us a form and your name is not on the list please or you are not sure if your place is confirmed, please let us know so that we can rectify the problem. Please note that places in the showcase are only open to festival ticket holders. Click here for the full Showcase Guidelines

Will there be a souk? Yes, definitely! The souk will be in the Compton Room (next to the Registration Desk) and will feature traders selling a wide variety of costuming and accessory items with something to fit most budgets. The souk is open from Friday afternoon until approximately 3pm on Sunday and is closed during the evenings. Please note that we are not taking bookings for additional traders as we only have limited space available.

Can I buy a non-residential ticket? Celebrating Dance is primarily a residential festival but we do make a limited number of spaces available to those who live nearby or within a reasonable drive from Torquay. Click here for more information.

I want to bring a non-dancing partner, is this possible? Yes it is, but we only have a limited number of spaces so if you want to bring a non-dancer with you, you will need to book early to be sure of getting a place. If you aren’t sure check with us first – 07400 228722 or

Can I bring my children? We regret to announce that sadly, due to circumstances beyond our control, it is no longer possible for children under 16yrs to stay at the hotel. The Toorak Hotel now has a strict policy of no children so that the resort has one hotel that is completely child-free. We have been advised that there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule which is very disappointing. If you have any questions about this please get in touch with us (see below for contact info).

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