We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the wonderful Ozgen at Celebrating Dance 23-25thOctober 2020 Renowned and acclaimed worldwide, Ozgen is the ultimate master of Musicality and passionate Turkish Roman, & Turkish Oriental. He  and he will be teaching his signature workshops in each of these styles. Ozgen has performed, taught, choreographed and directed internationally for over 15 years, including presenting a number of acclaimed theatrical productions in the UK. In Istanbul he starred in Night of the Sultans, a unique Turkish extravaganza combining contemporary, ballet and oriental dance.

Ozgen taught for several years at the ‘Night of the Sultans’ show in Istanbul & is now based in London, teaching and performing traditional, oriental and contemporary Turkish dance which he also combines with flamenco and tango to create exciting visual and dynamic images. He is now also a popular regular at the annual Rakkas Istanbul festival. Ozgen iş well known and loved for his informative and encouraging teaching style, explaining the culture behind the gestures, movements and postures of the dances he teaches. Through years of attending class himself as a professional dancer he has developed an innate ability to explain moves and build up complex choreographies from simple basic steps. Dancers who take his workshops always enjoy extending their footwork repertoire, and Ozgen’s warm and inclusive personality creates a space where dancers of all abilities learn to explore and extend their emotional understanding of the dance.

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Ozgen will be teaching the following workshops at Celebrating Dance 2020:


  • Musicality- As in all forms of dance, bellydance has a unique musicality about it. Ozgen invites you to join him in this rare opportunity to gain wider knowledge about the elements of music and ways of transferring them to movement in dance
  • Classical Oriental. Join Ozgen to learn classical oriental style, technique and choreography
  • Turkish Roman Style. Learning to dance to popular Turkish rhythm 9/8 and Turkish Roman Dance, you’ll explore some basic steps and broaden your understanding of the rhythm and cultural aspects of of this lively dance Ozgen invites you to  find your inner Gypsy!


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